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Terms of purchase

I. General provisions

1.)    The operator of electronic business NOT JUST BIKE is company 2B, private limited company, having its registered office at No. 7485/12, Kafendova Street, postal code 831 06, Bratislava, business identification number: 46 526 455 (thereinafter „supplier“). The company is incorporated at District Court Bratislava I., Section: Sro, file number 79697/B, bank contact: Všeobecná úverová banka, a.s., account number -3013813354, bank code – 0200.


2.)    Purchase contracts concluded by means of electronic business are regulated in compliance with Electronic Commerce Act N. 22/2004 Z.z., Consumer Protecting Act N. 250/2007 Z.z., Act N. 108/2000 Z.z. On the Consumer Protection at Doing Business with Peddlers or by Mail, Civil Code Act N. 40/1964 Z.z. and these sales terms (thereinafter „ST“) which lay down further terms for contract negotiation and realization.


3.) Supplier offers goods to customers on the website (.hu, .sk) (thereinafter electronic business). These ST cover the purchase by means of electronic business. By sending an order via electronic business, the customer certifies that they have read and they understand ST and agree with them. Purchase may be carried out by natural persons and legal entities.

Should any doubts arise concerning the interpretation of these Sales terms, the Slovak version shall prevail.

II. Goods price and information

1.)    All prices (EUR) include 20 per cent of value added tax (VAT).


2.)    The goods information is based on the information provided by the manufacturer or their official websites. The supplier is not responsible for the accuracy of goods information.


3.)    Most of the goods pictures are authentic but some can be only illustrative.


4.)    Supplier reserves the right to change the price of goods in case of its misinterpretation on the website. Supplier is committed to inform the customer about this matter before the order confirmation. 

III. Protection of personal information

1.)    The purpose of collecting and processing the data is to fulfil the duties towards the customer. Supplier is committed not to use the personal information of customers for any other purpose or to provide it to third parties. This rule does not refer to enabling the information to the traffic company for the purpose of goods delivery or to sending the information to our business partner Evobike Kft., in case of delivering the goods directly from them. Providing the personal information is voluntary.


2.)    By registering on the webpage the customer agrees with the subscription of current offers and news and authorizes the supplier to use their e-mail address for this purpose. This service may be stopped by sending a deactivation request e-mail to .

By sending an order the customer agrees with ST and with the processing of personal information.

IV. Guarantee, purchase contract and returning the goods

1.)    The quality of products is set according to the requirements of customers. According to Civil Code No. 150/2004 (§ 620) lax amendment all the goods have a two year guarantee, if no other guarantee period is stated.


2.)    The guarantee shall start running as from the day the customer accepts the goods. 


3.)    The issued tax document – invoice – is a purchase contract between the supplier and the customer.


4.)    The customer can avoid the purchase contract and return the goods no later than the 7th day after its acceptance (Act N. 108/2000 Z.z. On the Consumer Protection at Doing Business with Peddlers or by Mail as altered and amended). The avoiding of purchase contract must be reported to The supplier is committed to refund the purchase price of the goods to the customer by means of money order or sending the money to customer’s bank account no later than the 15th day after avoiding the purchase contract. All costs incurred in returning the goods (postal charges, etc.) shall be borne by the customer.


5.)    The goods with properties which make it impossible to be returned and the goods made according to personal needs (e.g. a bespoke bicycle) of customer may not be returned.


6.)    The returned goods must contain all the accessory equipment, must be originally packaged, the labels must be on their original spots and the goods must not be damaged. Consumer goods may not be unwrapped. 


7.)    The postal charge shall be deducted from the refund according to the actual price list in case the goods postage was free of charge.

V. Cancelling the order

1.)    The supplier is committed to adhere to the confirmed order (goods price included) until the goods delivery to the customer.


2.)    The customer shall endow all the provable costs incurred by the order realization (e.g. the travelling expenses in case the postage was free of charge) in case of cancelling a confirmed order. The order is cancelled by sending a cancellation request to The customer has right to cancel an order without stating the reason by sending a request to the above stated e-mail address no later than 2 hours after sending the order. An e-mail confirming the order cancellation shall be sent to the customer’s e-mail address.


3.)    In case the order is cancelled by the customer, the deposit shall not be refunded.

The order can be cancelled by the supplier if the goods is not available or if the price of the goods to be delivered differs from the electronic commerce price, unless the supplier and the customer come to a different agreement. The supplier sends an order cancellation e-mail to the customer.

VI. Ordering the goods

1.)    Creating an order is conditional upon customer’s registration at the electronic commerce, accepting the ST and the personal information processing.


2.)    After signing in the customer inserts the goods to the basket and gradually completes the order. After sending the order the customer receives an e-mail confirming the receipt of order.


3.)    After the supplier verifies the goods availability and the relevance of price, the customer receives an order confirmation e-mail containing the price of the ordered goods including the postal charges and the date of the goods delivery (s. the article Goods delivery).


4.)    When the goods is ready to be delivered, the customer receives an invoice from the supplier (s. the article Payment terms). After paying the invoice the parcel shall be sent to a courier company for delivery.

VII. Goods delivery

1.)    The goods is delivered to the customer by means of courier company GLS Slovakia. The customer is contacted by a phone call before the goods is to be delivered.


2.)    The transportation of the goods over EUR 150 and EUR 280 is free of charge within whole Slovak Republic and Hungary, respectively. Otherwise the cost of goods transportation is endowed by the customer. Only in case the price of the goods which is to be delivered to Hungary is less than EUR 200, the supplier reserves the right to involve a third party partner into the contract, in order to ensure cheaper postal charges. As a result, the goods shall be delivered faster and the incurred postal charges shall be lower.


3.)    The customer shall be informed about the exact price for the goods delivery before the order confirmation.


4.)    The goods delivery depends on its stock availability. The delivery of goods in stock does not exceed 3 working days. The goods that is out of stock shall be delivered in 2 to 6 weeks. The customer shall be informed about the scheduled date of goods delivery by an order confirmation e-mail.


5.)    The customer shall be charged a 20 per cent of total goods price deposit in case the ordered goods is out of stock (50 per cent of total price in case of a bicycle order). In case the order is cancelled by the customer, this deposit shall not be refunded. In case the order is cancelled by the supplier, this deposit shall be refunded. In case the customer decides to pay the full price of the goods order, the 20 per cent of that price is considered to be the deposit. If customer cancels such an order, they shall be refunded 80 per cent of the total paid price. (50 per cent of the total paid price in case of a bicycle order).


6.)    Informative prices for Slovak Republic and Hungary:

Delivery prices for Slovak Republic (for price of the goods less than EUR 150)

less than 2 kg........8,50 Eur

2-5 kg.........11 Eur

5-10 kg.......15 Eur

10-20 kg.....19 Eur

over  20 kg...personalised


Delivery prices for Hungary (for price of the goods less than EUR 280)

less than 2 kg........x Eur

2-5 kg.........x Eur

5-10 kg.......x Eur

10-20 kg.....x Eur

over  20 kg...personalised

VIII. Payment terms

1.)    Goods payment can be carried out by means of the electronic payment system (we accept credit/debit cards Visa, Mastercard and PayPal) or by sending the money to the bank account.


2.)    The supplier confirms the order of goods and calculates a final price of the delivery. After the customer confirms the final price, they receive an invoice from the supplier containing the information needed for the payment. In case the payment shall not be carried out until 3 working days after receiving the invoice, the supplier reserves the right to cancel the order.


3.)    In some cases a deposit needs to be paid, see Part VII, Article 5. In case the goods is in stock it shall be delivered after the invoice payment.


4.)    The bank transfer fees shall be endowed by the payer. 

IX. Warranty claim

1.)    Warranty claim must be carried out by post office service. A letter containing customer’s contact information (address, e-mail, phone number); a copy of goods invoice; an explanation of the claim and the number of the bank account to which the money shall be sent must be attached and sent with the goods.


2.)    The customer shall be informed about the process of the warranty claim by phone or an e-mail no later than 3 working days after receiving the goods by post.


3.)    Warranty can be claimed only within the guarantee period.


4.)    Claims must be managed within a 30-day period starting from the day of stating the claim, otherwise it is the customer’s right to terminate the contract or to have the goods changed for another.


5.)    Postal charges incurred in sending the goods for warranty claim to the supplier shall be borne by the customer.